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Q: Who is eligible to purchase from the Meraki EPP program? 

A: Only Cisco full-time blue badge employees can use this program. Unfortunately, contractors and/or ex-workers are not eligible to use this program.

Q: Why can't I access this site? 

A: After your request to access EPP is approved, you must log in this site through your Cisco email address. 

Q: How does licensing work?

A: Cisco Meraki devices use the Cisco Meraki cloud for centralized management and control, and each Meraki device requires a corresponding license to operate. The Meraki cloud is licensed on a “per device, per year” basis. Each organization is licensed for a certain number of devices through a termination date.

The only exception is Systems Manager (Meraki's cloud based MDM), which is not ​free to use, but email support is free. However, phone support requires Systems Manager's Enterprise Support license. The license works on a "per managed device, per year" basis.

For more information on licensing, please see the Cisco Meraki Licensing FAQ.

Q: Why are limited types of licensing available for some products?

A: Access to the Cisco Meraki cloud is based on a co-termination licensing model. Each organization is licensed for a certain number of devices, where all networks and their devices will expire on the same day, irrespective of when individual licenses were purchased.  Co-termination is designed to simplify licensing so that a customer only has to renew once. 

In this EPP portal, the types of licenses available for you to buy are determined by the first license that you put in to your shopping cart.  For example, if you add an MR24 with a 3 year license into your cart, and then add an MS220-8, you will see only the 3 year license available for the MS220-8.  If you decide that you want 5 year licenses for the MR24 and MS220-8, just reset your cart and start again.  For more information on licensing, please see the Cisco Meraki Licensing FAQ

Q: When the sum of my lifetime purchase and value of my cart is more than $10,000, I cannot check out.  What is going on?

A:  Effective January 23, 2020, EPP limit increase has been approved by Chris Stori from $5,000 to $10,000. The new limit on the lifetime spend in this shop is USD $10,000. Once a customer reaches this limit, they will not be allowed to check out. Exceptions can be made for special instances. For exceptions above $10,000 USD, you would need to provide an explanation of why you would need more than 10,000 USD EPP limit to Vanessa Hampton for approval. 

Q: I volunteer at a non-profit.  Can I buy Cisco Meraki gear here to use at the non-profit?

A:  The employee purchase program is meant to enable Cisco employees to purchase Meraki gear for your own personal use (your home, a small non-profit which you are associated with, etc.) and not meant as infrastructure of larger non-profits, on Cisco properties, for testing in Cisco labs.  Gear bought from this program cannot be re-sold or re-distributed, and each employee's lifetime purchase value is subject to USD $10,000 limit.  See our Terms of Service.

Q: I am buying some gear for my house and some for a non-profit that I am associated with.  Should I group the gear as one order?

A: It is best to purchase in 2 separate orders - one order for each organization (one order for your house and one order for the non-profit).   This is because access to the Cisco Meraki cloud is based on a co-termination licensing model per organization. For more information on licensing, please see the Cisco Meraki Licensing FAQ.

Q: I want to refund some gear, how do I do that?

A: Please follow the return policy and request a RMA:  Return policy

Q: I'm having issue with placing the order, what should I do? 

A: Please email epp@meraki.com

Q: My gear is not working properly, what should I do? 

A: Please email support@meraki.com

Q:  Can employees ship personal orders to a Cisco address?

A: Cisco employees should not ship international orders for personal use to a Cisco address. Please ship to a non-Cisco location for all orders.

Q:  Who is responsible for paying duties and taxes for international shipments?

A: When ordering the equipment, the Consignee (Recipient) of the package(s) is responsible for any duties and import taxes due upon delivery. Duties and taxes are not calculated or charged when you place your order online and will be payable to Customs when you receive your order.  Local Cisco entities are not to the Importer of record for shipments ordered via this site.

Q: Who will be responsible for additional required import documentation fees, such as Certificate of Conformity and Embassy Legalized Certificate of Origin?

A: The buyer will be responsible for the additional fee of USD$200 for a Certificate of Conformity and USD$300 for Embassy Legalized Certificate of Origin. Charges will be added to order in the shipping costs section and must be paid for at time of purchase. For more information about this charges, please contact shipping@meraki.com.


Germany Employees – Please take note of this Important Information

Update: The Meraki employee purchase program is considered a benefit in kind and therefore taxable (through payroll). The tax will be calculated when a purchase is made and deducted via payroll. By ordering you agree to cover the tax.

Information on this page is subject to change.

All price information is highly confidential and must not be shared with external parties.

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